Electric Willow is a project by Cláudio Mateus and Luis Pedro Silva.
Mateus launched himself into a more personal and direct approach to his own music, in 2006. Recording and performing live in a band format, together with Pedro Geraldo, Adílio Sousa, Susana Filipe, Nuno Fernandes, Mário Batista and Luís Pedro Silva, the musician has found the appropriate format for intimate songs, in which his voice is backed by dense guitar textures, resulting in a peculiar and very characteristic sound.
The history of Electric Willow includes the release of the álbum “Mood Swing”, released by Transporte in 2006, followed by “Nothing’s Ever Good Enough” (2008), “Majestic Lies” (2009) and “Electric Willow IV” (2012), all released by Honeysound. They were also part of the compilation “Acorda” and in the recordings of “TOG”.



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